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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pass The Salt Please

When I was a kid, Avon was a new company, and there was Maybelline, Cover Girl, Max Factor, and the list goes on and on. I don't know which make-up company came first, but in today's world, TV, magazines, and the internet are packed with make-up, hair care, hair color, fingernail polish, and other "beauty" items. Everyone on TV is glamorous, and the ads show even young children using make-up and dressing in stylish, expensive clothing and shoes that cost more than my first car.

My mother has used Mary Kay cosmetics for as long as I can remember, and even sold it for a while. I don't know if it's the cosmetics or genetics, but my mother looks great for a woman her age, and even women much younger. Personally, I am not much of a make-up user. I am definitely not like a few of my daughters, who won't leave the house unless they have make-up on. When I do wear make-up, it's a minimalist effect. Maybe it's because I saw pictures of myself at 16 with the blue eye-shadow so caked on, flakes fell off every time I batted my lashes!

But all of us, no matter our age, don't want to look like an old hag from a Grimm's Brothers fairy tale. We want to be beautiful, attractive, alluring, and soft as a baby's bottom. The ads tell us which lotions will do that, which body washes will do that, which face moisturizers will knock 10 years off our looks, and the list goes on and on. I won't lie, I've tried them. I've used items to look younger because Diane Keaton is the spokesperson, is in her mid-60's and looks like she's in her 40's. Andi McDowell hocks hair dye, and with her head of hair, who wouldn't want to look like that? Not to mention she's 54 and looks 35.

I will be 54 in October. I don't look 35. I don't think I look 54 either but that's okay, I'm not one of those people who worry too much about looks, or fashion, or style. But I do have a tip for those of you worry about dry skin and looking younger.

Skin gets damaged by the sun, wind, water, etc. The cells dry out and that's what makes them look older. Getting rid of them so new cells can come to the surface is what makes skin look younger, and feel softer. Lotions, body washes, serums, creams, etc. can't do that but salt can.

I used to work at a spa in California. I was a masseuse and trained in all aspects of the spa, which included hand and foot treatments, face treatments, herbal wraps, etc. and salt scrubs, also known as salt glows. This was back in the early and mid-90's, and we charged $65.00 for a salt glow. I have no idea how much they are now. But for me, they are about $4.00 a month!

Salt is a great cleaner, cleanser, and antiseptic. You can scrub your tub with it and brush your teeth. You can gargle with it for a sore throat or mouth sores. You can put some in a baggie, microwave it for a minute or so, then wrap it in a kitchen towel and use it as heat therapy on sore muscles, or on the neck at the base of the skull for migraines. You can also scrub out the bottom of those glass coffee pots, if you're still using those types, or on any other type of glassware that has stains you can't wash off. It's much safer than a can of cleanser, and if your kids get into it, they aren't going to eat much of it!

For your skin though, we aren't using regular table salt but canning salt, also found in the spice aisle. The granules are larger than table salt so it doesn't feel like you're using sandpaper, and it sloughs off dead skin cells, while refreshing your body, making you feel as soft as it was when you were a child. I have a metal soap dish with sides that I pour the canning salt into and sit it on top of the shower door, while keeping the box of salt under the sink.
Me - age 51
In the shower, I use a cheap Walmart brand of face cleanser and pump three times in my palm, then add about a teaspoon of salt, rub together and clean my face, neck, and decolletage. You ever see how women's chests look kind of pimpled like an orange skin? That's from dead skin not being removed regularly. Then I use a poof, squirt a cheap brand of body wash on it, lather up, (don't rinse) and then fill my hands with salt and start scrubbing away over the body wash. Be sure to use a lot, as much as you want, and use both hands on each thigh, calf, and back up all the way. Scrub as much of your back as you can, or if you have someone who can help, call on them to scrub your back. When you get to your feet, use a whole palm full on your heals, and dig deep into your instep with your thumb and over the ball of your foot, not forgetting to go in between each toe.

Be sure to use hotter water when you first get in and are getting ready to lather up. This opens your pores and allows them to get cleaned out too. When you rinse, use cool water so your pores close. Also use cool water to rinse conditioner out of your hair. This will close the nutrients in the conditioner inside your hair shaft, making it look shiny and full. And of course, make sure you are using a good shampoo. When I was young I never gave shampoo or conditioner a second thought but I do now. Most of the shampoos on the shelves are full of wax and chemicals your hair, and body don't need. I get my shampoo and conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply. Anyone can shop there, not just hair care professionals. A good shampoo and conditioner will cost you more, but it's going to have better results and give you healthier hair.