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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Author Bobbie Shafer Has New Release - Miracle At Sycamore Grove

Bobbie Shafer, tell us ten things we don't know about you!

10. I love supernatural/ghost stories
  9. My favorite color is green.
  8. One of my favorite songs is Old Time Rock and Roll
  7. One of my favorite movies is King Arthur with Clive Owens
  6. I am adopted.
  5. One of my favorite authors is J. K. Rowling
  4. I lived in Guam for a while
  3. I was in the United States Air Force & served in Guam
  2. I love chicken and dressing.
  1.  Many of my characters are based upon my parents and grandparents.

Secrets of Eagle Creek: Book One
Love's Golden Dream

Book Two:
                 The Legacy of Eagle Creek                  

Book Three:
Miracle At Sycamore Grove