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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's May 3rd All Over Again

Here in Oklahoma all you have to say is May 3rd and everyone knows what you're talking about. It was May 3, 1999 when an F5 tornado ripped through central Oklahoma killing 36 people and doing more than a billion dollars in damage. May 19, 2013 will be remembered along with that date from now on. Another F5 tornado ripped through central Oklahoma leveling Moore, OK and severely damaging Shawnee, OK.

You cannot imagine what looking at a tornado can make you feel. They are magnificent in one sense, such raw power sucking up everything in its path, as long as that path is on the open prairie and no homes or lives are in danger. They are also the most fearsome power on earth. I was born and raised in Humboldt County California, about 300 miles north of San Francisco and I've been throu9gh earthquakes. My youngest daughter and I were in San Francisco in the 1989 earthquake that brought down the bridges and leveled the Marina District. It was terrifying to say the least. But I've been through many dangerous earthquakes while living in California, but moving to Oklahoma in 1988, and then again in 1999 after being back in California for about eight more years, I will still take a tornado over an earthquake. At least we have warning systems for tornadoes, while earthquakes just hit without notice.


There are days remembered throughout history like Pearl Harbor, D Day, and the Twin Towers. Here in Oklahoma, we remember April 19, the day Timothy McVeigh changed lives in Oklahoma City, May 3, and now May 19. The one thing I can say about these types of disasters is that whether it's in California, New York City, or Oklahoma, we are Americans and we come together to help one another, to rebuild, to offer our money, our help, or our shoulder so that whatever is needed to get people back on their feet and through the nightmare life has thrown at us, we are there for one another. America is like that, and always has been since people first set on this land. We get knocked down, but we get up and go forward, and that is what makes us the greatest land in the world.
Thank you, God for this country and bless those who are working today to rebuild their lives and homes. Thank you for those who survived and bless those who lost loved ones, give them comfort of knowing You are with them and help them to move forward stronger than before. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Abortionist Gets 3 Life Sentences

Abortion doctor Kermit Goznell received three life sentences for the lives of "aborted" babies that were still alive when born, and were then murdered by the doctor when he snipped their spinal cords with scissors. He was also convicted of killing a woman who had come to him for an abortion, as well as hundreds of other abortion law violations.

Personally, I cannot imagine any woman wanting an abortion for any reason, especially, just the fact she doesn't want to be pregnant. There are so many people who are looking to adopt and because of the adoption laws in this country, it makes adoption costly and lengthy. However, private adoption is a trend that that works for both the pregnant woman and the adoptive couple. Even in situations when a woman might give birth to a child with genetic problems or disease, I still could not abort that child. I could not abort a child for any reason, even when I was a pregnant sixteen year old and my mother encouraged me to consider abortion, it was not something I could bring myself to do.

With that said, I would never want to see abortion illegal. That statement has caused me problems with people in churches I've attended. "How can you call yourself a Christian and support abortion?" I am a Christian and I do not support abortion per se, I simply support the legal availability for those who choose abortion. While I whole-heartedly believe that life begins at conception and there are no mistakes when children are born, and I believe Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you..." and Psalm 139:15 "My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth." We are made by design by God and are precious in His sight. But I remember what it was like before Roe v. Wade, when women had to sneak around to back alley abortionists and often died from hemorrhage, infection, or wound up unable to ever bear another child because the "doctor" didn't know what he was doing. I remember the stories of women using knitting needles, wire clothes hangers, or other implements to perform their own abortions, and wound up dying or injuring themselves for life. I would never wish that on anyone, no matter my own beliefs.

If this was a perfect world and there was no sin, and no one had sex until marriage and there was no such thing as an unwanted child, then sure, abortions would not be needed or wanted, but until that point, I do want to see women counseled about options like adoption. I would like to see all high schools teaching abstinence, but knowing that not all teens are going to be abstinent, I would like to see schools also teach birth control options for both boys and girls, and for boys to learn that pregnancy IS their responsibility just as much as it is a woman's.

The world has many significant problems that need addressing. Abortion shouldn't be one of them. No woman should die for wanting an abortion, and no baby should be aborted, or killed because an abortion failed. I pray in Jesus' holy Name that those who read this will pray for anyone they know who might be pregnant and seeking an abortion to consider adoption instead and give life a chance.