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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dancing With Bear: A Love Story

     Dancing With Bear Publishing began in honor of my late husband, J. Bear Marler, who passed from this life 12/18/2010.
     Although I had been writing erotic romance and not living the way I knew God wanted me to, I sold out for a publishing contract.
     That first contract led to many others with several different publishers, and although I have since requested those publishers to release me from the contracts, most refused. So I have removed all evidence of those books from my websites, blogs, and other pages in the hopes that a lack of publicity would also be a lack of sales, and thereby encourage those publishers to release me from the contracts I have.
     After writing A Love Story, which I self-published, I began a spiritual journey back to the place God wanted me to be, and I opened the virtual doors of Dancing With Bear Publishing to help others realize their dream of publication. I put out a call for "clean" reads and had so many submissions, I had to close the submission call after only one month, I still was not where God wanted me with the publishing company.
     God did not call me to publish "clean" reads, He called me to use my writing talent to glorify Him, and to publish work that also glorified Him. Since then, I have published When God Talks, It's Time To Listen, and Comfort & Joy book one: forgiveness. The submissions call is once again open but the guidelines are very strict in what will be accepted. Dancing With Bear Publishing now only accepts godly material, whether non-fiction or fiction, as well as books with strong moral story lines in our children's department.
     I feel such a sense of peace now that I am in line with what God wants from me, and using my talent to glorify His Son Jesus Christ. I pray that everything produced within DWB Publishing is a blessing to others and will draw people to the Lord in humility, for the forgiveness of sin.
     God bless and keep each and everyone who reads this blog. I pray for your salvation, your healing, and for the blessings of Heaven to be poured out upon you.


  1. Marie, you are an inspiration and I know that Jesus loves you so much. What you've walked though has not been easy, but you know what? You've come through the fire without a trace of smoke smell!!! It's tough to take a stand and you've done it. :) I continue to pray for you.

    Great blog site.

    I love this black and white picture of Bear.

    Hugs in Christ from Jim and me.

    1. Thank you, Paulette. You have been such an inspiration for me too and I am so glad we are friends.

  2. Marie, This blog will surely be an inspiration to many. Just today I saw where a woman got a contract for a movie of her erotic book, was featured on a major TV network, blushing that she was so successful, and made more than 5 million dollars. I was so sad. I refuse to mention her name. We authors who choose to take a higher road must struggle much to be seen and heard. I will not sell out to make a sale. You have made my heart absolutely soar today. I do not write inspirational books, but you will never find any speck of erotic in my romantic mysteries. I am, simply put, a mystery writer. I will join this blog and look forward to the blessings you will be sending our way. Much success and many blessings to you. This is a great place to come and replenish!!

    1. Thank you, Patty. Your words of encouragement touched me and I appreciate you taking the time to lift me up.

      It can be discouraging to know that if all you did was write one sex scene, or a book full of magic for children, you would have a multi-million dollar movie contract too, but you are right, we have to make a stand.

      I stand on the word of God, and I know everything in this world is made of nothing while my Father's House is built with the finest materials and streets of gold await me.

  3. I agree Patty. I was turned down the first time I submitted my first book about a horse. The editor/pub said if I was willing to become erotic even a little more sensual, he would offer me a contract. I prayed and wrote back a "nice" thank you letter explaining that I wasn't willing to compromise this story even if it meant never getting it published. I have no idea how it fell. By the way, this wasn't a Christian publisher and I was so new at the whole industry, I didn't even know they existed!:)

  4. What a wonderful story of how your publishing company has evolved into what God wants it to be! I am sorry you lost your dear husband but am so glad that you are honoring him in such a way as this and by obeying what God has called you to do, you honor our heavenly father! I am so happy for you and wish you the very best in all your endeavors. To God be the glory always.

  5. I am proud to be associated with Marie McGaha and Dancing With Bear Publishing. Marie writes such inspirational and educational books glorifying our Lord and always has her hand out to those writers who need support. She is my mental and my Okie daughter and I feel so blessed to have been put into her life.
    Mama Bobbie